A disorganized home can make your entire life feel overwhelming. Precious family time is sacrificed for cleaning up after a long day. Countless stressful hours are spent looking for things you need (but can’t find) and trying to put things away (but not having the space to do so).

What if:

You could find anything you were looking for in one minute or less?
Your home was organized and ready for company at a moment’s notice?
You could reclaim your space and your life?

Our clients commonly say, “I wish I could wave a magic wand and have my whole home organized.” That’s exactly what we provide at Reclaim.

Our fully-trained team is led by Certified Professional Organizer Allison Flinn who knows the best practices to tackle decluttering and organizing every room of the home as efficiently as possible.

How It Works


We discuss the areas you would like to organize and the services we offer over the phone. If we find we are a good fit, we will schedule an in-home organizing assessment (or we can jump right in and schedule our first organizing session). During the in-home organizing assessment we will discuss your priorities and develop a cohesive plan. The in-home assessment is $150. Complimentary phone assessments are also available.


We take every item and sort it into categories, making it as easy as possible for you to make decisions about what stays and what goes.


Seeing everything together makes decisions easier - we will facilitate the decision points to help you choose what stays, becomes a donation, or hits the trash bin.

Strategize & Organize

We’ve got a clean slate! Using our extensive product knowledge, we strategize the best organizational system for your unique needs. We then organize everything that is being kept by assigning a home to each item.

Then, you’re done and living your most organized life - often in just a few days!


The total cost and time of a project is dependent on several factors including:

  1. Speed at which you make decisions regarding what is to be kept, discarded and donated.
  2. Quantity of items
  3. Size of space

The following price ranges provide a general idea as to what working with Reclaim may cost. After an initial assessment, personalized quotes are provided for each project.

Small Spaces starting at $1080
Multi Space starting at $2160
Whole House starting at $6480

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