About Us


We implement custom organizing solutions that will make your home more peaceful, more functional, and more enjoyable. Cluttered spaces create stress and ultimately take time away from doing the things you love with the people you care about most. With our team approach, we maximize our time in your home and quickly deliver detailed results. We put systems in place with function, but always keep your style in mind.

Reclaim was founded in 2010 by Allison Flinn. Over the years Allison has continued to grow her team in order to best serve clients. Each Reclaim team member brings a unique set of skills, but all maintain the same goal: helping our clients achieve an organized home that works for their lifestyle.

Reclaim believes in:

  • ✓ Personalized service
  • ✓ Individualized attention – One size never fits all
  • ✓ Customized organizing systems
  • ✓Detailed results

Allison Flinn, CPO®


Allison Flinn is the Founder of Reclaim, a full-service professional organizing company based in Raleigh, NC.

Allison has always loved organizing so it was only natural that she turned her passion into a business. Since 2010 Reclaim has organized thousands of homes and businesses. Allison and her team use a personalized approach with clients, helping them clear the clutter that is holding them back, and creating beautiful customized organizing solutions that are designed to last.

Meet The Team

Mariel Bentley
Client Relations Manager

Shelley Smith
Lead Professional Organizer

Lynn Shaffer
Lead Professional Organizer

Jennifer Wise
Lead Professional Organizer

Mary Lunsford
Professional Organizer

Emily Radford
Professional Organizer

Katie Medlen
Professional Organizer

Dawn Rusnak
Professional Organizer

Molly Northcutt
Professional Organizer

Angela Rodriguez
Professional Organizer

Jenna Kuehn
Photo Organizer

Charlotte Broadwell
Team Support Coordinator

Emma Gardner
Executive Assistant

Happy Clients

“The Reclaim team exceeded my expectations on every level. They were respectful of my time and personal space while in my home and they worked quickly and efficiently, leaving my spaces perfectly organized and clean. They made donation/ trash removal a breeze. I did NOTHING! It was the best in-home service experience we’ve had in years. They were like happy little organization elves and were a pleasure to work with.”