Moving is already stressful, whether it is around the corner or across the country. We have helped countless clients have a stress-free move with our moving and unpacking services.

What if:

You only brought want you wanted and needed when moving?
You didn’t have to lift a finger to unpack one single box?
Your entire home was fully unpacked and organized in a matter of days?

How It Works


If you are moving locally we can help you edit your items before you move. Going through your items room by room ensures you are only taking what you need and will actually use.


We can carefully pack the items that are making the move with you as we work through the editing process. We will label everything clearly for a stress-free move.


Once your items have arrived at your new home we start unpacking immediately, often while the movers are still unloading the truck.


We then sort your items, strategizing to create the best organizational system for your unique needs, making sure you know where all your important items now live.


The total cost and time of a project is dependent on several factors including:

1. The number of boxes and volume of items to be packed and/or unpacked
2. How many spaces are to be packed and/or unpacked and organized (for example, the entire house versus only a kitchen and pantry space)
3. If belongings have been edited prior to packing and moving

The following price ranges provide a general idea as to what working with Reclaim may cost. After an initial assessment, personalized quotes are provided for each project.


Small Spaces starting at $1080
Multi Space starting at $2160
Whole House starting at $6480

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