Home Inventory

Reclaim is proud to offer a comprehensive Home Inventory service. While we are in your home helping you get organized, a natural extension is to also create a home inventory. With a professional home inventory you can prove ownership and condition of assets prior to a natural disaster, theft, or fire. You can prevent items from “falling through the cracks” and "accidentally walking away" as memories start to fade. Having a home inventory also reduces time, energy and conflict when handing down assets to children or other family members.

How It Works

Catalog and Photograph

We carefully catalog and photograph all possessions of value that would warrant filing an insurance claim were they to get damaged or stolen, or that would be disbursed at some point to another owner in your family.

Create a Physical Binder and/or Digital Inventory

After cataloging and photographing we create a comprehensive physical binder and/or digital inventory outlining all of your possessions, where they are, and their current condition.


The total cost of time of this service is dependent upon the size of the home/spaces and volume of belongings to be inventoried.

This service starts at $500. After an initial assessment, a personalized quote will be provided.