Top Travel Organizing Tips


Travel is on the rise this summer – whether you’re driving to the beach or flying somewhere far away, it’s time to dust off your packing skills and have some fun!

This month we are sharing some tips to get organized for a trip. A little organization on the front end means more relaxation when you reach your destination 🙂

Pack Smarter

It may seem obvious but taking the time to think through the activities you’ll be doing on your trip and what you really need can eliminate over packing and lighten your load. Actually lay out what you will tentatively plan to wear each day and see where you can re-use items in multiple outfits. Often what we panic pack “just in case” never gets worn and just takes up precious space.

Make a List

There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing you forgot something *so obvious*. It’s especially easy to miss things when you are packing for multiple people (looking at you moms of young kids). Make a master packing list and include it all – toothpaste, socks, you name it. Only cross off an item when it is packed 😉

Consolidate Destination Information

If you have multiple confirmation emails, reservations, check-in information, etc. for your trip – consolidate them into one folder (either electronic or physical). It’s so much easier to quickly search one location and know all of the information you need will be there! Added bonus, when your trip is over (sad!), you’ll have all of the information organized should you need to reference it in the future to re-book a hotel, activity, or restaurant.

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