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I often work with parents of young children and a common theme is there are simply too many toys!

Now that the holidays have passed and all is back to normal, it’s the perfect time to tackle that pesky toy clutter. If you’re a parent of young children your home is probably overrun with more toys than you know what to do with. A few weeks after the holidays is the perfect time to pare down the toy collection, as now you can see which new toys have replaced your children’s old favorites.

It can be an overwhelming task and you may be tempted to do a thorough clean-out while your children are not around, but I highly suggest that you involve them in the task so they learn organizing skills at a young age. It’s important that they learn that it’s okay to give up items they no longer use.

Here are a few tips for decluttering your children’s toys:

1)  Gather all the toys in one area. Sort and put like items together. Arrange by type and age range. Discard any toys that are broken, missing pieces, or are no longer usable.

2)  Explain to your children that now is the time to give older toys that they have outgrown to children who are less fortunate.

3)  Examine the toys you have left and decide on optimal storage solutions. Great storage solutions for toys include:

Toy Nets

Cube Organizers with Fabric Drawers

4)  Make sure all bins are clearly labeled so that your children know where the different types of toys go.

5)  Here are a few local non-profits that can benefit from your gently used toys:

North Raleigh Ministries
Durham Rescue Mission

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