tips for getting your teen organized

If you’re constantly telling your teens to pick up their stuff and put it away, you’re not alone. Most teens couldn’t care less about the condition of their bedrooms. Below are five tips for getting your teen on the right track when it comes to organization:

  1. Only you can show them how to be organized. It’s not something they are going to learn in school. Understand that they need to be taught these skills.
  2. Lead by example. You can’t expect your teen to have a clean room if the rest of your home is in disarray.
  3. Don’t clean their rooms for them. This will be a temporary fix and before you know it, the room will be a mess again. Make sure they play an active role in the process.
  4. Create a system that works. Everyone is different, so it may take a little trial and error before finding the right system, but don’t get discouraged.
  5. Show them the value of being organized. By having a place for everything and actually putting things where they go, your teens will spend less time looking for lost items and have more time for the things they want to do (and things they don’t, like homework).

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