tackling toy clutter

Have toys taken over your home? Here are my top tips for tackling toy clutter.

  1. Use bins and baskets as a way to corral toys while still have the space looking neat.
  2. Have shelves with bins and baskets at accessible to children so they can participate in the cleanup process.
  3. Sort and label baskets and bins so children get in the habit of putting things where they belong. If they are young, take pictures of the items that belong in a particular basket or label with an illustration.
  4. Create zones for each activity, such as an art table for crafts and and a dress up area for costumes.
  5. If you child is over the age of 4 involve them in the purging process and explain to them that the toys they no longer play with will be donated to kids that don’t have any toys.
  6. Remove any bulky, non-functional furniture from the room. Kids like to play on the floor.

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