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Summer is here! June 21st is the first official day of summer, and chances are you’ll be staying cool by hitting the beach and/or the pool. (Or maybe even taking a well-deserved vacation…yes, please.) Just remember: summertime doesn’t have to equal clutter time. With a few simple best practices, your beach bag will be ready to go, and you’ll be the out the door for the great outdoors in no time. Sun and fun await!

Allison’s Beachy Keen Tips:

Screen your sunscreens. The onset of summer is just the right time to take inventory of all of your insect repellents and sunscreens. Hint: if you have containers scattered throughout your home, you likely have more than you’ll ever use. Lighten your load by pitching anything that is expired or almost empty. (Saying goodbye to those half-used bottles will be wholly satisfying!)

Keep a caddy in your shack. Now that you’ve purged useless products, it’s time to organize them effectively for quick and easy access. Since you’ll want to be prepared before you head out, keep a caddy of necessary items in a convenient place (such as your laundry room or bathroom).

Become the leader of the pack. Make life easier by keeping another set of essentials packed in a bag so that you can grab-and-go. You’ll also want to stash fresh towels, a bag for wet suits and any other necessities like toys or beach reads. Though it’s not smart to keep the bag in your car long-term (as it can lessen the protective power of sunscreens and insect repellents), it’s okay to do so for short periods of time.

Allison’s Must-Have Tools

Wet Happened? Laundry Bag: This handy bag does double-duty as both a laundry bag and easy transport for wet bathing suits.

Clear Grid Totes
Durable, plastic and easy to clean, these totes are a no-brainer for storing insect repellents and sunscreens.

Trunk Trays
Now that all of your essentials are organized and ready to go, don’t let them get lost in your car abyss. These trunk trays are perfect for keeping your trunk organized.

Clear Zippered Pouches
Spillage = bad. Keep containers in check by storing them in these clear plastic pouches, which allow you to easily their contents and protect the other items in your bag.

Handy Hint

Know before you go! It’s easy to get inside weather intel with EPA’s SunWise UV Index app

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