Spring Cleaning

Fling open those windows and dust off those flip-flops—Spring is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited. Why is this one of our favorite times of the year? You guessed it: spring cleaning! There’s nothing like a little fresh air and sunshine to motivate your mindset, so we think there’s no better time than the present for deep cleaning and organizing. 

Spring is all about renewal and your home doesn’t have to be left out. This is the perfect opportunity to prep your space for the chaos of the months ahead. Cue summer vacation, kids home from school… you get the picture. Do not fear—our insider tips on spring cleaning will have you seeing the (sun)light at the end of the tunnel.

Getting Started-
For most, this is the hardest part. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve been conditioned to think this means lockdown for the next 48-72 hours as we scrub every nook and cranny. Instead, we suggest simply generating a list of your top priorities. What areas of your home have been keeping you up at night? Likely they made our list, too!

Bathroom & Linen Closet-
If this space made it to the top of your priority list, we have some super-simple tasks that will make a huge difference.
Review your medications. Check the expiration dates and toss anything expired. Make a list of what needs to be replaced. Then, organize by type—think children’s, adult, topical, first aid, etc. Finally, containment is key! Consider purchasing some bins that reflect your personal style and jazzing them up with some labels. Not only will this give your space a refreshing makeover, but it will improve functionality as well. 
Review your towels. Keep only those in good shape and maybe purchase a few new ones. After all, there’s nothing like a brand new, fluffy towel! The old ones can be repurposed by cutting them into cleaning rags or donating them to a local animal shelter.

Kitchen & Pantry-
Often the heart of the home, this one typically tops the priority list. 
Give your cooking utensils and gadgets a thorough review. Too often we find that people have numerous of the same utensil or have been holding on to kitchen gadgets they will never use. We give you permission to toss or donate. (We promise Aunt Sally won’t mind that you donated the food processor she got you for your bridal shower that’s been collecting dust.) Parting with these items makes space that you can now deem functional by using it for items that are relevant to your everyday life. 
Clean out the pantry. We know, this can sometimes be an undertaking, but we promise it’s WORTH IT! Keep it simple by tossing anything expired and/or no longer useful. Spices and baking ingredients like flour or baking powder typically slip the mind and you might find that they have expired. Toss them and make a list of anything that needs to be replaced. If you know you are never going to use it (and that’s why it expired in the first place) leave it off the list. You can never have too much space.

Kids’ Spaces-
We know, picking up 1,000 Lego bricks and potentially unearthing something unidentifiable doesn’t sound like the best time—we totally get it. We suggest opening the windows (we weren’t kidding about the fresh air!) and throwing on your favorite playlist or podcast to pass the time!
Time for a walk-through. Look for anything, broken, missing pieces, or things you know are no longer played with. If they are functional, consider donation, otherwise toss. Don’t forget to dump out the bins and give them a good once-over. Make sure everything has all the necessary pieces to be played with properly. 
Slim down the artwork. If you have been holding on to everything your child has ever made, it’s time to consider other options such as photographing or scanning to create a digital scrapbook. Or simply select a few memorable pieces and toss the rest. Either way, no harm, no foul, we promise!

Clothing & Closets-
Change of season is the best time to give your wardrobe a once-over! We highly suggest making this a priority.
Edit your clothing. Likely you’ve been holding on to clothes you no longer wear, that don’t fit, or are simply out of style. Donate anything in good condition and it’s out with the rest! Trust us when we say this will feel good. Pick up a few new pieces to replace the old. Treat yourself—spring cleaning is hard work!
Swap out hangers. There is nothing like matching hangers to give your closet an elevated look. We love non-slip velvet hangers that not only give a polished look, but take up less space on the rack, once again improving functionality.

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