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Are you one of those people who cleans before the housecleaners come? Well, consider spring cleaning your cabinets the same thing—getting your cleaning supplies streamlined and ready to take on the task! Here’s how to get it done.



Allison’s Spring Cabinet Cleaning Tips: 

Do a total wipeout. The first step toward cleaner cabinets is to start from scratch. Take out everything and wipe down all flat surfaces—chances are spills and stains have accumulated over time. Give your cabinet a fresh start!

Reinvent your inventory. When cabinets are crammed full of cleaning products, it’s easy to lose track of what’s inside. (Odds are you may have bought multiples of the same product, not knowing what you already have.) Take stock of what you currently have, and pitch anything past its prime. If you do have duplicates, consolidate them into one container, if possible.

Bins are in. By grouping together similar items in bins, you’ll be able to more easily take out and put away items. It will also keep you from mindlessly shoving more stuff into your cabinets.

Allison’s Quick Cabinet Fix-Its:

Stacking Baskets with Handles — durable and easy to handle, thanks to convenient handles and stackability

White 2-Drawer Mesh Organizer — a must-have for those who are short on shelf space

Two-Tier Expandable Under-the-Sink Shelf — great for handling the often-tricky task of efficient under-sink cleaning item storage

Handy Hint: Get a handle on your house cleaning process with Home Routines, an easy-to-use app that will keep you on task.

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