Senior Relocation

Are you preparing for an upcoming move, but feeling completely overwhelmed by all of the details? Do you have a loved one who is facing downsizing years of memories for the first time? Senior moves require a special combination of compassion and organization - and Reclaim can help. We are highly skilled in assisting senior clients as they downsize and offer the added benefit of combining moving and organizing services in one resource. Reclaim is a team of fully trained organizers; our team approach means we maximize our clients’ investment and get more done, in less time.

Reclaim is a member of the NASMM (National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers) - the leading membership organization for Senior Move Managers. NASMM members specialize in helping older adults and their families with the daunting process of downsizing and moving to a new residence.  Members are experienced professionals, bound by a pledge of integrity, committed to safety and ethics, and dedicated to continuing professional development.  Reclaim is also a member of NAPO  (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals).

How It Works


We will carefully sort through all of your items and help you determine what will be kept, discarded, donated or gifted to family members. If an estate sale company is needed, we can oversee the hiring of one.

Space Planning

We will take measurements of your future space and your current furniture. With this information we will create a floorplan to ensure all furniture being moved will fit properly.

Move Logistics

We will develop a moving timeline and schedule movers. We will also schedule any utility changes.


We will secure boxes and packing materials. We will professionally pack all items that are being moved to your new home.

Moving Day

On moving day we oversee all coordination with the movers and manage all moving day logistics.

Unpacking & Organizing

As movers unload we will begin unpacking and disposing of boxes/packing materials. We will organize all of your items, hang artwork, and/or arrange for handyman services to complete final details.


The total cost and time of a project is dependent on several factors including:

1. The square footage of the apartment/home that the senior is moving to
2. The number of boxes and volume of items to be unpacked
3. If belongings have been edited prior to packing and moving

The following price range provide a general idea as to what working with Reclaim may cost. After an initial assessment, personalized quotes are provided for each project.

Whole Apartment
Starting at $2550

Multi Space
Starting at $1750

Small Space
Starting at $750