Road Trip

Vacations look different a little this year as most people are sticking to trips you can take by car.  With road trips on the rise, we’re here to help make them go as smoothly as possible (although unfortunately we can’t help answer “are we there yet?” being asked from the backseat for the 50th time!)  

Here are some quick tips for getting, and keeping, your car organized before hitting the open road.

Organize the essentials
Just like at home, it’s important that essential items are stocked and have a specific home.  This summer more than ever it’s critical to have items like hand sanitizer, wipes, paper towels, small trash bags, masks, etc. all ready to go.  We suggest using a trunk organizer and keeping it easily accessible.

Contain trash
With multiple people snacking, all corners of the car can quickly become a makeshift trash can.  Not on our watch!  Corral crumbs, wrappers, etc. in a single small trash can.  This makes it very easy to get rid of all trash quickly.

Safety first
Make sure you have all of the essentials in case you hit a bump in the road! These items include first aid items, jumper cables, etc.  This AAA road kit is compact and has all the critical

Bonus tip – potty time
Whether you’re traveling with little ones, or just wary of using public restrooms right now – we’ve got you covered!  This travel potty and tent may fall into the category of things you never thought you’d need or want – but it’s 2020 and all bets are off! 



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