quick cleanup

Do you find yourself constantly picking up things around the house? Scrambling to hide things in closets before guests come over? Make cleaning up a snap with these three easy tips:

1) Use bins and baskets as a way to corral items that have been left around the house and need to be put away.

2) Before you go to bed clear off flat surfaces that have collected clutter throughout the day such as the counter, kitchen and coffee tables and desktop. Put everything where it belongs, so you can start fresh tomorrow.

3) Do things that take 3 minutes or less now. It will definitely save you time later.

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  1. Hi you were highly recommended by my co worker. I’m looking for someone to help me de clutter and organize a bedroom that became a catch all mess after my house flooded. I would need someone Weds or Thursday of this coming week, dates…March 30 or the 31st. Thank you so much. Donna Gainey

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