Pantry Perfection

Organizing pantries is one of the most popular requests we receive. Because this area is one of the most frequently used in the house, it’s easy for your pantry to become disorganized with too much stuff and not a good system in place.

The two biggest problems with often see with pantries are lots of expired items and no containment. Here is our method for decluttering and organizing  your pantry:

  1. Remove everything.
  2. Toss expired food.
  3. Categorize remaining items.
  4. Remove excess packaging.
  5. Contain like-items. Our go-to items are bins, tiered can risers, canisters, and lazy susans.
  6. Label bins and canisters.
  7. Create zones so that like-items are together such as baking, snacks, kids’ stuff, dinner items, etc.

Maintenance is key. The systems we put in please are easy to use but there are a few additional things you can do to ensure that your pantry stays organized.

  1. Try to keep the floor clear. If not possible, contain those items that are on the floor.
  2. Don’t overbuy.
  3. Every three months review the items in your pantry and toss the expired items.


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