Life & Legacy Organizing

At Reclaim we love organizing stuff! From closets and pantries to attics and garages, we’ve got you covered! One thing we don’t do is life and legacy organizing, but lucky for you we know someone who does! Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

• What important documents should I have hard copies of?

• If I got into an accident, would my loved ones know how I’d want them to handle it?

• Do I have everything valuable in my house documented and stored somewhere safe?

• Who can get to my passwords and online accounts if something happened to me?

• What exactly is a contingency plan?

It’s overwhelming stuff to think about. In a world where you’re told that everything is important, it’s hard to know what to do to be prepared for things like illness, accidents, and death. But if you put it off forever, life will decide when it’s time to deal with it—consequences and all. At Reclaim we have worked with several clients who have spent years picking up the pieces after a loved one has passed. Not having crucial information can make an already stressful time even more unbearable.

 Back Up Your Life™ specializes in life and legacy planning, preparation, and peace of mind. Founded by professional organizer Annette Adamska, Back Up Your Life™  customizes action plans rooted in best practices and personal support, built to help you document, store, save, and get things in place, once and for all.

 For more info check out Annette is offering her first ever  Jump Start Group Program in May. It’s a great way for people located in the Triangle to take action and get everything in order.

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