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Chew on this: did you know that the kitchen is the most used room in most homes? With all of that activity, chances are there are probably more than a few items in your kitchen taking up valuable space and collecting dust—which can be a sure recipe for clutter. Time for a clean sweep! It’s crucial to keep your kitchen organized, so you can find what you need…when you need it.

Allison’s Kitchen Tips:

Clean house. Start by removing all items from the pantry, cabinets and fridge. Clean each space thoroughly, then purge unnecessary items. When was the last time you used that crystal gravy boat? How many mugs does your family really need? Keep only what you need and use on a regular basis, and say sayonara to the rest!

Do away with duplicates. How many times have you purchased food items that you already have? If you’re guilty as charged, don’t be too hard on yourself—it’s probably because items get buried in the back of the fridge and cabinets. Keep items easily visible and take stock before you shop by creating a grocery list based on your current “inventory.”

Go, go gadget. As you acquire new kitchen goodies and gadgets, make sure to let some go. (You can follow the tried-and-true “one in, one out” method if it helps you streamline more easily.) This goes for food, too—do a quick scan of your food on the first day of every month for expired foods, and pitch food that’s no longer edible.

Get in the zone. Make your kitchen more intuitive by creating special zones that create proximity between various items and their area of use. For instance, pots and pans should be stored near the oven/stove, while food storage items and glasses should be kept near the fridge. Stash away infrequently used items in higher cabinets.

Allison’s Must-Have Kitchen Tools:

Stepladder — great for those items that are out of easy reach

Drawer organizer — handy for keeping cooking utensils separate and organized

Lazy susans — perfect for easy visibility and access to canned goods and spices

Tiered organizer – — at-a-glance ease for keeping track of spices

Food storage containers– —doubly awesome for keeping food fresh and stacking for more space

Shelf Genie– — pull-out drawers make items stored in lower cabinets easier to access

Handy Hint: Stay organized throughout the week by posting a grocery list in the kitchen or using a smartphone app like Grocery IQ.

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