imagine an organized garage

When organizing garages I often see them used as storage, rather than as a place to park cars. It is very easy to just throw things in the garage and let them pile up. Below are six tips on how to tackle organizing your garage.

1)   Declutter. Go through your garage and immediately get rid of anything you do not need or use. Any broken or expired items should be discarded.

2)   What do you want your garage to be used for?  Often garages contain bulk foods and beverages, household items, cleaning supplies, sporting goods, gardening items, tools, paint, holiday decorations and just extra stuff.  This is the time to figure out what you want to keep in your garage and what you want to store elsewhere.

3)   Decide what goes where. Now that you know what you are going to keep in your garage, set up zones so that like items are stored together.

4)   Chances are you are going to need to purchase some organizing products to truly maximize the space in your garage.  The idea is to keep things from piling up on the floor. Here are a few items to consider:

Cable-lifted Storage Rack

Tall Gear Locker
Bin Warehouse and Plastic Totes

Store n’ Slide Tool Rack

If you want to invest in a complete garage makeover, check out Monkey Bars.

5)   Label bins and shelves so the whole family knows where everything goes.

6)   Every six months reevaluate what is in your garage and keep only what you are using and get rid of those items you are not.

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