Give Your Pantry Some Love


Love is in the air! What better time to fall in love with your pantry! Whether it’s rekindling an old flame with a simple refresh or dumping the trash (literally!), we’ve got your back.


This month we are focusing on tried and true tips to have your pantry speaking your love language in no time.


  1. Start by removing everything- yes, even the Halloween candy you hid from your kids back in October. This allows you to start with a clean slate and perform a thorough cleaning.


  1. Next, sort like items by category. Canned goods, bread products, salty snacks, etc. This is the perfect time to check those expiration dates. Designate an area for expired items or food that no longer appears edible or usable.


  1. Edit- Now the fun begins! Toss expired foods or if it’s within two years of its expiration date, consider donating to a local food bank. Now keep that momentum going and throw away items that are old or stale. Foods that are in date, but are no longer a family favorite can also be donated.


  1. Measure. And then measure again. You want to ensure you purchase products that not only fit, but maximize the space.


  1. Time to set the stage! Begin placing items in zones on shelves. Remember when we categorized back in step 2? This will help you develop your zones. When doing this, you might want to think about your day-to-day. Do you consider tearing into a fresh package of Oreos baking? Then you might want to utilize one of your less accessible areas for any baking supplies. You get the picture.


  1. Shop till you drop-Invest in some quality organizational items. The options are endless so get creative. The idea is to contain as much as possible using bins, baskets, lazy susans and can risers.


  1. Finally, contain items and label. Then treat yourself to that well deserved glass of wine and prepare to fall head over heels with your new pantry! <3

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