Getting Prepared For The Holidays

Santa Claus isn’t the only one making his list and checking it twice, chances are – you are too!  

With the holidays quickly approaching, we are sharing some tips to get you ready for the jolliest time of year!

Gifts – organization is your best friend when it comes to gifting this time of year.  Find a system that works for you to keep track of everyone you need to buy for.  We like to use a simple spreadsheet with columns for who, what, purchased/baked (yes/no), wrapped (yes/no), shipped (if applicable), and cost.  This approach can help you keep an eye on your overall budget, ensure equality among different children’s gifts (moms, you know), and make sure no one on your list will be forgotten.  

Bonus Gift Tip – if you are feeling overwhelmed about picking the perfect gifts, we love using this easy 4 step approach – “something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read”!

Pre Christmas Purge – what goes up must come down, and when new gifts come in other things must go out – isn’t that how the saying goes?  Anyway, before you are totally buried in wrapping paper and new toys – assess what might be ready to donate or toss. Starting with a somewhat clean slate will make things feel less chaotic come December 26. 

Decor – Target – our best friend, our worst enemy.  You run in for milk and leave with twinkle lights, a boxwood wreath, and some miniature decorative Christmas trees!  Stop the madness!  Or at least, enter prepared.  Pull out your holiday decor bins (you have those nicely organized already, right??) over the new few weeks and take a look what what items you might need.  This goes for gift wrapping supplies too.  As much as we love Target, no one wants to be the sad soul there on Christmas eve looking for a roll of red and green ribbon (trust us, it won’t be there!).

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