getting organized for the holidays

Picture all those beautiful, shiny wrapped gift boxes, just waiting to be opened. It’s an inviting image—except, for many, the flip side is the many boxes hidden from sight that are overflowing with decorations and other holiday “stuff.” (Do broken ornaments and endless gift-wrap odds and ends ring a bell?) Luckily, with a few quick fixes, it’s easy to simplify and streamline what can already be an overwhelming time of year. Merrily we organize together.

Allison’s Tips for Achieving Holiday Sanity:

It’s all about smart storage. Choose storage items that specifically correlate to your various holiday decorations (for instance, an ornament chest or holiday light spool). No more cramming and jamming into boxes = proper preservation for your treasured items.

Shop soon. Don’t wait until after the holidays for deals on holiday storage, because chances are you’ll miss out on these in-demand items. Invest now to protect your holiday treasures—and all the sentiments that go with them.

Group items and label bins by room. No need to “room”-inate on what goes where: labeling bins by room allows you to simply carry that bin into the room, unpack, and decorate without sorting through tons of boxes to find what you need.

Ease into the packing process. It’s no secret that the holidays can be an exhausting time, so once they’re over, give yourself some much-needed space to take your time and do it right. By not fast-forwarding through proper packing, you’ll have more energy for an efficient, patient approach—ensuring that your holiday items stay in great condition.

Allison’s Must-Have Tools

Chevron Holiday 3-Drawer Ornament Chest—Much like a great jewelry chest, this handy-dandy organizer will keep your ornaments neat, tidy, and all in one piece.

Snaplock Wreath Storage Box—Dust and wear-and-tear be gone! This sturdy wreath storage box will keep your wreath good as new.

Decorative Tree Storage BagHow many times have you tried cramming your artificial tree in the original box? This useful storage bag makes it a cinch to easily pack your tree.

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