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Based on the emails and calls we are getting, we know that many of you are feeling inspired to edit and organize after binge watching the show on Netflix – Get Organized with The Home Edit. This is the perfect time to go on a bit of an organizing spree. The season of STUFF is fast approaching – candy, hostess gifts, presents, etc. With that in mind, we wanted to share some thoughts on editing items in your house. This will help you create space for new items instead of just adding to what may already be weighing you down.

Here are a few approaches you can take to pare down and create space:

Fresh Eyes – Walk around your home with fresh eyes. Maybe even pretend you are a friend or relative coming to stay for a visit for the first time. Look for items that have been stashed in a corner or the back of a closet, or piles of paper that have accumulated in main zones of the home. Are there items that have simply become invisible to you because they’ve been tossed there for so long? Chances are they can go!

Holding Zone – When dealing with kids’ items like toys, or clothing that you are on the fence about getting rid of, create a holding zone. Put all items you are unsure about in a box out of sight. If after a few weeks no one asks about those items, donate or toss them.

Be Realistic – As you consider items, be realistic about your life and what you really need. If you no longer work in a professional office, perhaps you can pare down your business attire extensively. If your kids are older but you still have a large sippy cup collection, you can quickly make space by tossing them. We often don’t take the time to evolve our stuff as our phases of life move on. Now is the time to start!

Past Due – If you have items that are broken, damaged, or otherwise “expired” use this as the time to get rid of them. We all have good intentions to repair things but rarely actually do. We give you permission to give yourself a pass and get rid of those items that have stayed past their welcome.

When we work with our clients we never force them to get rid of anything they don’t want to. But we will facilitate the decision points to help them choose what stays, becomes a donation, or hits the trash bin. If you’d like to get you home edited and organized before the holidays hit – give us a call!

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