Get Organized for Summer!

Summer is knocking on the door as temperatures rise here in North Carolina. Schools are almost out and thankfully the outlook is a lot more exciting than this time last year.

Having had a rather non-traditional summer in 2020, some of the typical things we do to prepare may need a little extra attention this year. Here are a few tips to make sure you and your family are completely organized and ready to relax.

Check Expiration Dates

Sunscreen is a sneaky one that we sometimes forget to check the expiration date. While sunscreen does have somewhat of a long shelf life, it’s smart to check your stash now before you are walking out the door to the pool with sunscreen that expired in 2016. 

Summer Zone

Avoid running around your house and keep all of your summer essentials in one, convenient location. Think – sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer (still using that!), goggles, kids sunglasses, pool towels, etc. Create a summer zone so everyone in the family knows where these items are even if you happen to not be around.

Closet Changeover

The change of seasons sometimes feels like it happens overnight and our closets can reflect that. Carve out an afternoon to rearrange your closet and/or drawers to put your summer items in the most convenient, easy to reach location, and colder season items in storage or the back of your closet. Narrowing down what you have to look at visually each day makes getting dressed that much easier!

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