Common Organizing Mistakes

Often by the time we get to our clients they have tried multiple times to get organized on their own. But, for a variety of reasons it hasn’t worked. For those of you focused on getting organized right now (or anytime!), we thought it would be helpful to share some common mistakes we see…so you can avoid them 🙂

Products before plan – We’ve all been there. You’re at Target. They’ve got tons of cute organizing containers and you are a person looking to get organized! You scoop up as much as your cart can handle only to get home only to realize none of it really fits your space nor solves the organizing dilemmas you’re facing. Buying products without a plan and measuring ahead of time is extremely common. Hiring professional organizers is an investment, but our extensive product knowledge ensures no mistakes and will save your time and money long-term.

Organizing without emptying – It can be daunting, but in order to really organize a space you need to completely empty it first. This ensures that you address each item before organizing them. It’s easy to glaze over things that have “lived” somewhere forever. But by handing each item individually you have a chance to look at the items, and the space, with a clean slate mentality.

Too many things, too little space – We haven’t been able to defy the physics of finite space, but we’ve seen clients try 😉 The reality is, you probably need to edit down items if a space is overflowing. Organizing without editing is a vicious cycle so after you’ve emptied out your space set aside time to determine what is ready to donate or toss.

Unrealistic time expectations – Speaking of setting aside time, organizing takes time! Make sure to pace yourself and approach a little bit at a time. We see it so often that a strike of motivation hits, closets are emptied, piles are made, no corner is left unturned…and then you’re completely exhausted and don’t know what to do next. Well, you can always call us! But tackling projects in bite size pieces will definitely lead to more longer term success rather than attempting to turn your house upside down over the course of a weekend!

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