clutter free closet

Your closet should only be home to clothing that fits you and that you feel good in. Here are 5 tips for getting your closet in tip top shape. 

1) If you have not worn an item in a year, it’s shouldn’t be in your closet, with the exception of special occasion wear. Consider donating or consigning clothing you no longer wear. 

2) A complete closet overhaul can be quite a daunting task to take on all at once. If you find yourself easily distracted or short on time try on 5 items a day. Put the items you no longer want in a bag or basket to giveaway. This is also the time to remove items that need dry cleaning or mending. 

3) Implement the one-in-one-out rule. For every one item you buy, one has to go.

4) Put like items together so you can see what you have and to avoid buying duplicate items or many items in the same color.

5) Not sure how often you do or do not wear something? Turn all your hangers backwards, as you wear and item turn the hanger around. 

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