Beauty Meets Function

When you imagine the home of your dreams, do you see clutter on the countertops? Pots and pans cluttering up your cooktop? Probably not! At Reclaim we believe that organization is critical when it comes to designing a home that’s both functional AND beautiful. So when blogger and stylemaker Chrissy Serrano of Chrissy Marie Blog reached out and asked for help getting her newly-renovated kitchen, pantry and scullery and organized, we jumped at the chance to help bring peace and order to her stunning new spaces. 

The Kitchen
Chrissy and her husband Jose love to entertain, so our first area of focus was her gorgeous kitchen. Chrissy told us her dream was to be able to host a party and feel proud and organized if people opened her cabinets and drawers, so we were all about the details. We began by emptying the cabinets and helping her toss broken items and donate unwanted and unused kitchen items. Next we added drawer dividers and bins to group like items together and ensure everything had a home. We incorporated acrylic turntables by the stovetop to have oils and vinegars conveniently within reach. Finally, we added finishing touches like cord keepers to hide bulky appliance plugs and we made custom labels on site to take her already amazing kitchen design to the next level. And to keep everything simple and affordable, we sourced all of her products from Amazon—a win for everyone!

The Pantry
The Serranos are a busy family with four children, so having a well-functioning pantry was also of utmost importance. Without a separate pantry, however, Chrissy and Jose faced the challenge of having a smaller space made up of pullout shelves. Because this area is part of their kitchen design and also visible and accessible to guests, we made sure to utilize every square inch of space while keeping the organization streamlined and pretty. To do this, we created zones for foods used daily like breakfast and snacks and organized them into labeled acrylic deep drawer bins. We also decanted cereal and supplements into OXO Good Grips POP Canisters for function and beauty. The pantry was soon completely transformed to match the elegant aesthetic of their breathtaking kitchen!

The Scullery
Behind a secret door in Chrissy’s kitchen was a scullery which was home to a coffee station, large appliances, and baking supplies, so we made sure to give this space some love, too. We decanted all of her baking necessities into canisters and created custom labels using our HP Sprocket Photo Printer. The baking zone keeps everything needed for whipping up cakes, cookies, and pies convenient and accessible (not to mention beautifully organized).

The Simple Truth
We’re so grateful that Chrissy called us to help, and that she recognized this very important element of interior design: without a strategy for organization, the results of any home design vision run the risk of falling victim to chaos, clutter, and disorder. Simply put: a beautiful home is an organized home. If your kitchen is causing you stress, reach out! We can transform it from cluttered chaos to an organized oasis in just one day!Check out all of the products used in Chrissy’s kitchen and scullery here! To hear about Chrissy’s experience with us and see her beautiful spaces, check out this video!  

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