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School days are here again, but that doesn’t have to mean school daze. A new school year means another opportunity to get your family in gear. Before those homework papers pile up and the backpack contents get strewn, find out how your family can make the grade with some easy organizational tips. You’ll feel awesome and start the new school year off right!

Allison’s A+ Organizing Tips:

Take it day by day. Keep track of everyone’s comings and goings via a shared calendar. (Feel free to go with an old-school wall calendar or digital scheduling tool, as long as the whole family can access the schedule easily and often.) By creating a centralized place for appointments and activities, it’ll be much easier to keep your clan on the same page.

Leave morning madness behind. The key to AM zen? Plan ahead and do as much as possible the night before. Tops on your checklist: packing bookbags and school items for easy grab-n-go, and laying out clothes/uniforms for the next school day. The more you can whittle down the morning to-do-list, the better off you’ll be.

Create a homework hub. By giving your kids a dedicated schoolwork space, they’ll have a place to call their own. Designate a special nook just for homework—such as a table in a common area or a desk in their room. Make sure the “homework hub” is stocked with everything they’ll need to stay focused and make the most of study time.

Allison’s Must-Have Tools

Wall Manager: Transform just about any flat surface into a functional all-in-one area for notes, calendars, and to-do lists. Plus, you’ll love the way it keeps clutter from creeping onto desktops and tabletops.

Drawer Organizers: Colorful and customizable, these organizers will prevent desk drawers from becoming the dreaded abyss—keeping your kids’ school supplies tidy and easily accessible.

Fabric Wall Mount Magazine Organizer: This 8-pocket organizer makes a great home for reading/reference materials that need to be accessed regularly.

Handy Hint

Your smartphone isn’t complete without Cozi, a handy-dandy shared calendar that can keep your family in sync. One of the coolest things about Cozi? Each person in the family gets his or her own color for at-a-glance ease.

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