6 Steps to an Organized Closet

With summer quickly fading in our rearview mirror, we here at Reclaim are starting to get excited about fall and by fall we mean sweaters, boots, and scarves! It’s not just time for pumpkin spice everything; it’s time to get your closet ready and organized for your cold weather wardrobe! Fall is the perfect time to get your closet in order. After all, you’re going to need to maximize your space to prepare for the clothes, shoes, and accessories that tend to be larger and bulkier. Are you ready? Let’s organize your closet!

Step 1: Edit your closet

Now is the time to decide what stays and what goes. Empty your closet, put like items together, donate what you haven’t worn in a year, and keep what sparks joy. Now it’s time for the fun part—organizing the clothes you love to wear!

Step 2: Hang your clothes like the pros

We’re here to tell you all the secrets to having a closet Marie Kondo herself would approve of. First, hang all of your clothes on slimline hangers. We love velvet hangers because they keep your clothes in great condition as the velvet surface helps clothes from slipping. Most of all, they’re so thin you’ll be able to fit more clothes. Next, arrange your clothes by type. Once your clothes are hung by type, color code them from light to dark, rainbow order in each category. Your eyes will thank you and your clothes will transform into a collective work of art!

Step 3: Use bins for accessories and off season items

Closets are full of more than just clothes—you’ve got belts, hats, scarves, swimsuits, bags, keepsakes, and other accessories that need a home, too. Bins are the perfect place to store these smaller items that might look disheveled if left out in the open. The Container Store and Amazon have many great options for every budget, style and vibe—pick something beautiful that speaks to you. Assign a bin for each category and place neatly on the shelves. Finally, use bin clips and label them so you can easily find what you’re looking for!

Step 4: Corral the shoes

Shoes are one closet category that can easily look disorganized, so making sure they have a dedicated place is important. If your closet has a built-in space for shoes, organize them by style, then color. If not, purchase a shoe organizer (or two or three, depending on what works for your shoe collection). There are many options available, from tiered racks to cubbies to stackable shoe containers with drop-down fronts. The key is to pick one that works best with the shoes you have and invest in the system. You’ll be glad you did when your shoes each have their own little home.

Step 5: Give your drawers some love

Chances are you have some type of dresser or drawer system in your closet, so don’t overlook the importance of keeping those neat and tidy, too. Underwear, socks, bras, t-shirts, workout gear—these are typically good candidates for drawers. To ensure these smaller items stay organized within the drawers, use drawer dividers. Then, file fold. Not sure how to file fold? We recommend checking out our favorite book all about folding titled The Folding Book!  Lastly, once file folded, neatly place clothes in rows from light to dark within the boundaries of the drawer dividers. You’ll be able to see exactly what you have and enjoy the peace an orderly drawer can bring!

Step 6: Make it personal and pretty

Give your closet some style and beauty with your keepsakes, fancy boxes and bags, and beautifully displayed jewelry pieces. Have a favorite purse or lovely shoebox you can’t bring yourself to throw away? Display them to show off your style! Set out framed pictures if there’s room, and buy beautiful jewelry organizers to showcase your pretty things. Your closet should be an extension of the peace and calm of your bedroom retreat, so take time to make it a space you love.

And, speaking of style and beauty, don’t forget about services such as The Color Guru to help you look good AND feel good about the clothes in your closet. We’ve told you about them before, but in case you’ve forgotten, a service like Color Guru analyzes your skin, hair, and eye color to determine your best color palette for clothing, jewelry and makeup. They’ll use your photos to develop a seasonal color analysis and send you a color card that identifies the colors you look best in. You’ll look better, shop smarter, and create a coordinated wardrobe that will flatter you and accentuate your best features. Check out their website and use code RECLAIM10 to get 10% off your own color analysis!

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