5 Tips for the Organized Traveler

You’ve waited all year for this and it’s finally here—summer vacation! Whether you’re headed to the beach or the mountains, or somewhere in between, you’ll have a better time (we promise!) if you get your trip organized ahead of time. We want your travels to be full of adventure, not full of anxiety, so we’ve compiled these 5 tips to make this year’s summer vacay the best—and most organized— one yet!

Make a list
Pour yourself a cup of coffee, carve out an hour or so and grab your favorite pen and notepad—lists are a MUST. Starting from day one, think through your trip beginning to end and make a list of everything you’ll need to make it a success. From clothes to gear to road trip snacks, make both a packing list AND a shopping list to make sure you head out of town without fear of forgetting all the important things. Review your list frequently in the days leading up to departure and keep what is needed front and center of your mind. As you complete packing and travel prep tasks, cross items off your list with satisfaction knowing that each line or check brings you one step closer to an organized vacation! If you prefer a digital option, check out this app!

Do your research and make a plan 

After you make your lists and do your pre-trip shopping, it’s time to plan the details to make this the trip of your dreams! If you’re a foodie, scour Instagram to find local favorite restaurants. Read blogs detailing all the best activities in the area. Once you’ve found all the places you want to go and all the things you want to do, go ahead and make reservations and purchase tickets. Sketch out a general timeline of daily events even if they are subject to change. Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Even if you end up changing your mind or your plans, you and those you’re traveling with will be glad you have a starting point. Tripit is a great app for keeping all travel itineraries organized.

Be a cube convert
If you haven’t gone all in on packing cubes yet, what are you waiting for? Packing cubes help you organize your suitcase and keep everything neat and tidy. These little zippered squares and rectangles give you the freedom to section your clothes by type (think jeans, t-shirts, socks), by outfit, or by travel day. They’re especially helpful if you are packing for multiple people or if you need to find things quickly and easily. You can even purchase compression cubes which help you fit lots of clothes into small spaces like a carry on bag.

Lighten the load
Don’t kill the messenger, but the truth is the lighter you pack, the more organized you’ll be. Best way to pack light? Plan out outfits before you leave. Make a list of days and activities, and then stage your vacation wardrobe to make sure each look is complete. This will help you avoid throwing your entire closet into your bag “just in case .” Pre-planning each wardrobe choice and laying them out will give you the confidence to know you’ve got exactly what you need.

Plan for the unexpected 
Finally, if you want to earn an A+ for travel organization, pack a bag that helps you handle on the go emergencies. Include first aid supplies and often needed medications, as well as health and safety items like hand sanitizer and masks for airplanes. Purchase travel organizers so you can avoid bringing full size bottles and products, and so you can find what you need fast. If you have kids, don’t forget to stash extra snacks, games and clothes just in case the unexpected happens. Keep it within reach so you’ll have it when you need it. 

Want to return to a beautifully organized home after your trip has come to an end? We can organize a closet, room, or space while you’re off having the time of your life. It may sound like a dream but it doesn’t have to be—we can make it happen for you! Send us an email or a message and we’ll align our schedule with yours to get your home organized. We have limited July dates still available! 

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